From Russia, with Love

“Our food is robust, for heroes of the table… as for parking, it is postively Darwinian: survival of the fittest!”

So says the top of the menu at Pomegranate, the Russian- Georgian Restaurant here in San Diego (so City Beat, which voted this establishment the “Best Russian Food” for 2005).

We went for our 5th Wedding Anniversary (we have this tradition of trying a new ethnic cuisine every anniversary), and the food was excellent. We started with a salad sampler containing two Russian salads and four Georgian salads. The salads were mostly sweet, full of garlic, with hints of vinegar. I definitely recommend the dish if you go. From there, we moved on to our main dishes. My wife had the Chakhokhbili- a Georgian chicken dish, while I had the Lamb Shashlik- skewered lamb with special spices and an ever tasty pomegranate sauce. Both were excellent, “robust” as the menu says.

If you’re in San Diego, this is definitely a place to check out. Oh, and be prepared- the menu wasn’t joking about the parking. It’s definitely survival of the fittest (we went at 8.15pm and circled the neighborhood 2-3 times before finding a spot).

dscf1726.jpg dscf1732.jpg
dscf1730.jpg dscf1734.jpg

From top to bottom: Salad Sampler, Shashlik, Chakhokhbili, Zhukov Tort


You can write on the walls here, too, so look for our entry…


2302 El Cajon. Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92104




  Faith wrote @

Wow! This food looks sooooo good….Do they have any good desserts?!!!

  yucan wrote @

Ah, faith- thanks for the question. I forgot to describe the dessert, the Zhukov Torte. It was tasty and unique (the sweetness came from a pomegranate sauce, the tartness from dried apricots, and the texture of the torte was like a firm sponge). Their other desserts looked pretty unique…

  Dave wrote @

Awesome! I’m glad this place turned out good for you guys. Now I wish I had a chance to go there before we moved. One more thing to add to the list of reasons to visit….

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