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Asian Indians:: Significant

So I’m reading a book about American Asian Indians called “Understanding the Coconut Generation.”  It’s been quite an eye-opening book so far, providing hard data and on-the-ground stories.  I was pretty ignorant of the statistics; here are some for thought:

– Asian Indians are the second largest Asian American group at 16.4%.  Chinese Americans are first at 23.7%.

– 54% of the current Indian American population immigrated here between 1990-2000, making them the largest group of Asians immigrating to the US in the last 10 years.

– As of 2004, the largest group of foreign students in US universities is from India.

Wow, huh?  Organizations, churches, businesses, and communities had better think about this and adjust…


Loving Unwed Mothers

I’ve been waiting for this article to get on line, and it’s finally up.  I read this when it was published in paper form, and found it articulate and insightful into the sad way women and motherhood can be treated.  If you’re a woman reading this, I’d like to hear what you have to say.  Of course, men- please comment too!

“For Shame?” 

Latino Christians, Unite!

Pass this on to people you know…

National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

Veggie Tales, then Rap

I was getting a little tired of the music the other day, driving my daughter around.  A grown man can only take so much Veggie Tales…  So I hit cd number 4, and an old cd popped up, one I didn’t even know was in the car (this is my wife’s Volvo).  DJ Maj started bumpin,’ and… well, at least I enjoyed it (I hope my 16 month old did as well!).  Check out his stuff here.