Asian Indians:: Significant

So I’m reading a book about American Asian Indians called “Understanding the Coconut Generation.”  It’s been quite an eye-opening book so far, providing hard data and on-the-ground stories.  I was pretty ignorant of the statistics; here are some for thought:

– Asian Indians are the second largest Asian American group at 16.4%.  Chinese Americans are first at 23.7%.

– 54% of the current Indian American population immigrated here between 1990-2000, making them the largest group of Asians immigrating to the US in the last 10 years.

– As of 2004, the largest group of foreign students in US universities is from India.

Wow, huh?  Organizations, churches, businesses, and communities had better think about this and adjust…


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  David Park wrote @

Great blog. Glad I found you. Looking forward to more interesting posts. I’ve been wondering if I should pick up that book as my wife is Indian-American. Now I know I will. Thanks!

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