San Diego Chargers and Grief


If you are a football (american) fan and have kept up with this season, and if you happen to be a Chargers fan, you know how heart-wrenching the loss was yesterday… *Sigh*

Not to belittle the more serious losses of life, but as I was reflecting on my feelings after the game and trying to imagine what the Chargers may have been feeling, I thought of the typical grief cycle people go through when they experience loss in life.

Phase 1: Impact

Phase 2: Withdrawl and Confusion

Phase 3: Adjustment

Phase 4: Reconstruction/Reconciliation

Again, I don’t want to belittle the bigger losses of life, but I think it healthy to realize that everyday losses in life, including football games, are legitimate and real losses that we need to learn how to deal with in a healthy way.



  David wrote @

What do you think about Marty’s job?

  yucan wrote @

I hope he doesn’t lose it based on yesterday’s game,but I wouldn’t be surprised… The loss was more on the players, I thought. The Union Tribune leans more toward that thought, too.

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