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Multi-generationalism, Multiculturalism and Justice

In the last few weeks I have been crossing paths with a couple of issues that people in my “moment” and circle of American Chirstianity don’t seem to talk about a whole lot. I don’t think that’s a bad thing per say- each generation and culture, each age and circle, have specific issues God raises up through them. But it is a bad thing if we don’t adequately listen to God’s call in those previous generations and cultures, and discern if there are things we need to still hold onto today (almost always there are, right?). Hence, again, the need for multicultural and multigenerational communities. The issues I have been crossing paths with:

– Abortion and the rights of the unborn

– Freedom of speech and the public square

– Unreached people groups and mission

From my understanding of the last 20 years of American Christianity, the above seemed to be issues that were heavily dealt with in the 80s and 90s- they at least got much of the white evangelical focus. I’m glad we’ve moved on to think about other things in the 21st century (a testimony of the multicultural and continual missional mindset of the church). But woe are we if we don’t continue to deal with the above.



On Becoming a Father of Two

Six days ago, my wife gave birth to our second child, Ennyn Alethia Chiu.  A couple of thoughts:

1.  Having our second child was definitely different from  having our first.  With the first child the overwhelming thought/feeling was “wow, this is our first child!”  With the second, the thought/feeling was “wow, this is my family.”

2.  Naming children is a mind-boggling task.  It is part prophetic, part hopeful, and wholly devotional.  I pray our daughters live out their names…

Enna Charis- “overflowing love” (from the Chinese.  The word for overflowing is in the Chinese translation of Psalm 23- my cup overflows); Charis- Greek word for grace

Ennyn Alethia- “overflowing grace”; Alethia- the Greek word for truth (Jesus came full of “grace and truth”- John 1:14)