On Becoming a Father of Two

Six days ago, my wife gave birth to our second child, Ennyn Alethia Chiu.  A couple of thoughts:

1.  Having our second child was definitely different from  having our first.  With the first child the overwhelming thought/feeling was “wow, this is our first child!”  With the second, the thought/feeling was “wow, this is my family.”

2.  Naming children is a mind-boggling task.  It is part prophetic, part hopeful, and wholly devotional.  I pray our daughters live out their names…

Enna Charis- “overflowing love” (from the Chinese.  The word for overflowing is in the Chinese translation of Psalm 23- my cup overflows); Charis- Greek word for grace

Ennyn Alethia- “overflowing grace”; Alethia- the Greek word for truth (Jesus came full of “grace and truth”- John 1:14)



  chiafrica wrote @




prophecies to hope for all of us… what’s your name mean?

  James wrote @

congrats on the new addition! exciting, bro! we’re trying to figure out the name of our future son as well. you’re completely right — it’s “wholly devotional.”

  mae wrote @

hi there, my older brother. :O) “what’s in a name?” oh . . . much. it’s a blessing to be given our names, i am encouraged at how you’ve continued with the Christian names. hope all is well . . .

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