“Christ, My Bodhisattva”

As many of you can probably tell based off this blog, one of my passions in life is seeing Jesus contextualized/translated into other cultures.  I read this article recently, and was greatly encouraged.  It’s part of a larger project called The Christian Vision Project.  If you haven’t checked out the essays, it’s definitely worth a look.



  chiafrica wrote @

hey man, chris heuertz writes a good article… kind of touches on some of my experiences in sierra leone…http://www.christianvisionproject.com/2007/02/a_community_of_the_broken.html … keep writing…

  Daniel Eng wrote @

Yucan, one of the things I’m beginning to see in our churches and my seminary education is that we learn much about Christianity from a white American perspective. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you. But I feel like it’s a limited perspective and hinders contextualization. As every single person is created in the image of God, I’m starting to explore how God can be experienced, worshiped, glorified, and served in different cultures and contexts. I am suspecting that God is more glorified when we do this. While my vision is to minister to the rest of the world through a primarily Asian-American context, my desire is that through our affluence, education, and bridge between the East and West, we can engage and impact the rest of the world. Just some thoughts.

  Kelly G. wrote @

that was a really cool article! really eye-opening.

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