Multiculturalism: recent trends in our community


I love the diversity of the church I’m a part of. Recently, my wife and I hosted three interns and a staff member. There we were- Latino, Filipino, Caucasian/Malaysian, Latina/Arabic, and Chinese. Loved it.

Part of what helps us get along is the reality that we are all strong in the English language, we are all “native” English speakers, and communicate together with English.


Recently, though, we’ve been having a number of non-native English speakers come, mostly first generation Chinese immigrants. What I find interesting is that many of them have been to the Chinese speaking/immigrant churches in the area, but wanted a more multicultural experience. And so they’ve been coming, bringing their children and all. It’s good to see that the desire for multiculturalism is not just a postmodern, Gen X and Y, college-educated desire…



  Johnny wrote @’s a beautiful thing…

Peace & Blessings


  Little Napoleon wrote @

Great photo to go along with the post! 🙂
The staff at Amor Ministries shared positive things about the diversity of our group. The father who we were building for was Filipino, apparently very rare in Tijuana, and we had four Filipino individuals on our team. Amor folks rejoiced in this unique and God-designed match and told us how much this must have meant to the family. Great stuff!

  seth wrote @

I like diversity — thanks for pursuing it, Yucan.

  David wrote @

That’s a nice picture from Mexico! And good to hear about Ethnos. Will I find a multicultural church in DC?

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