The 21st century, post-modern Gospel diagram

My good friend James Choung just posted a video of a gospel diagram he’s pioneered. It will be coming out in print form Spring 2008 under the title True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In. (You can find a chapter excerpt here)

Simply put, the diagram is amazing. It captures many of the horizontal, relational, creational, and missional aspects that previous gospel diagrams and presentations failed to capture. To be sure, some may feel a bit uncomfortable with the lack of elaboration on justification/substitution in the presentation. Not to worry- the diagram allows for one to explain it as necessary. (And don’t forget- the video is a quick clip, and how do you diagram substitution anyway? No prior gospel diagram I’m aware of actually drew it out).

I pray that many find this helpful, and many encounter Jesus and the New Life as a result.



  James wrote @

Thanks for posting this, Yucan!

And the article online isn’t an excerpt from the book. It’s a training manual that’s going around InterVarsity that’s meant as a quick walkthrough.

Blessings to you and the Ethnos crew!

  Chase wrote @

Good diagram. Not sure about the “we need Jesus’ resources to build this better world.” What about the kingdom of God is at hand? Isn’t it already in our midst through Christ’s inauguration? Nevertheless, a MAJOR improvement on the bridge diagram.

  James wrote @

Hi Chase. Yucan asked me to look at your comment and respond:

You’re theologically correct, and I allude to it by pointing out the “Reign of God.” We needed language to help an unchurched person know and understand: the Kingdom of God doesn’t mean anything to them.

So we called it “Jesus’ resources… helping us to become the kind of good we want to see in the world.” It’s riffing off of Dallas Willard: his paraphrase of the KOG is “God’s resources are open and available to all.”

But you’re right: Jesus is the one doing it — and we’re joining him in what he’s doing on the planet. It’s where what happens up there, happens down here. And fits neatly into this diagram.

The proclamation of the Kingdom is the driving idea behind this diagram, as opposed to merely being “Jesus died for your sins so you can get to heaven when you die.” Actually, the heavens rush around us — the Reign of God is rushing around us, where we walk. And will find it’s completion one day.

So that’s a long answer to say: what you’re talking about it is all in here. But we chose language that might make sense to someone who hasn’t gone to church. But yes — the Kingdom of God is at hand is the driving concept behind this diagram.

Check out the book when it comes out!

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