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Global Learning, Part 1

I begin my excursions beyond the U.S. this week to learn from the Global Church.  Well, actually, I began a few weeks ago when I went to Tijuana, Mexico to explore a sister church relationship with a church planting network down there…  Good stuff.

This week my journey takes me to Singapore, and to some of the mega-ministries there.  It’s pretty amazing how “amazing” these ministries are; being in the US, we think of ourselves as being the best and most innovative way too much, and we fail to see what really is going on (granted, ethnocentrism and the sins associated with nationalism plague every people group).  Anyhow, this week my travels take me to these three churches:

Faith Community Bible Church

Hope Church

Agape Baptist Church


Jesus-struck stars

Over the last few months, I’ve had the chance to personally meet and spend some time with some well known Christian authors.  These authors include:

Tim Stafford, author of numerous books including the NIV Student Bible

William P. Young of The Shack

Larry Osborne of the forthcoming Sticky Church

James Choung of  True Story

I am amazed at their earthiness and humility, and am glad that God has them where they’re at; these are some truly Jesus-focused people who don’t care too much about themselves.  Good stuff.