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I’m sure many of us are still reeling from the results of the election.  There is so much to absorb, so much to do, beginning today.  I’m eager to see how we- referring to both the community of Jesus followers, and the larger people of the US- will respond to the challenges ahead.

Some random rants about the results:

– Finally, the reality of our global, multicultural world is reflected in our highest office.   There’s a whole lot of work to do, though, in terms of racial/ethnic/cultural reconciliation.

– People cannot be pigeon-holed into one political platform.  I think of my state of CA, where Barack Obama won easily, and yet traditional marriage was (so far, with 95% precincts reporting) upheld.  I think this “contradiction” reflects the new reality of who we are as a people.

– John McCain was and is a good guy in many ways.  In another situation, with a different incumbent and a different opponent, he probably could have won.  Did you watch his SNL opener on Nov 1?  It was great.

– Barack, thanks for what you’ve given so far.  We are eager to see how you will lead.  We will pray for you, and support you as best as we can, all the while giving to God what is God’s.



  Steven wrote @

An incredible landmark moment in history. Outside my apt window in South Minneapolis I heard lots of people cheering, honking their horns and hollering.

With each new president (their strengths and weaknesses) I think we’re reminded to long for the King and His reign. Good last line – we’ll be praying and giving God what belongs to God.

  yucan wrote @

Thanks for the comments, Steve. There is only one King we bow our knee to for sure…

  chiafrica wrote @

as a person of color, i am ecstatic about barack obama’s election to be president. furthermore, i would encourage people of color to examine their history in order to know themselves well enough to really appreciate what this election means. furthermore, what we will do in response to a new era.

  Johnny Laird wrote @

Exciting times.

It was wonderful to see, and a reminder of what an amazing place the US continues to me.

Peace & blessings


  chiafrica wrote @

yeah baby. believe!

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