So I’ve been in Ghana for a week now. It’s been a great trip, not because it has been “exotic” or something like that (I think we, including myself, can talk about traveling to certain places with that sort of exotic/vacation/tourist attitude, which ends up minimizing the real lives and realities of complex and tough places like Ghana). But it’s been great because of:


1) the friendships I am developing with various African leaders (15 total)- from a former Ugandan soldier to a pastor who endured the war in Sierra Leone, from a former engineer to a regional director of parachurch ministries in East Africa, etc. The discussions have been enlightening; the friendships, fun and encouraging; the future dreams and possibilities together, inspiring.



2) the time I get to hang out with world-renowned scholar/strategist/statesman Ray Bakke (google his name and try to discover as much as you can about this guy). He’s courted people like King Hussein and the Pope, but I (along with other students) get to have one-on-one conversations with him while we spend hours driving around Ghana. Pretty cool.


3) the validation and continuation of the vision of church/church planting I have- global/multicultural/multisocioeconomic churches in all the cities of the world (note: there are 500 cities around the world that have over 3 million people). Accra needs a global/multicultural/multisocioeconomic church reaching out to the diverse pockets here. Anyone interested?

Be sure to visit my flickr site for daily pictures from ghana.



  elderj wrote @

Ghana is one of my favorite places… I was there last summer. I miss the fufu, kenkey, jollof rice and plantains. MMmmmmm

  yucan wrote @

awesome you were there. where did you stay? what brought you there? good stuff…

  elderj wrote @

I was there last summer for a mission trip. I was in Cape Coast as well as Accra. Our mission time was spent largely in the Nkwanta district in the Volta region, close to Togo.

While in Cape Coast we stayed at the University of Cape Coast. In Accra we stayed in Legon. We were in partnership with GHAFES (Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students)

  Mike wrote @

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