Jesus: for all Asian Indians

Here it is, a Yeshu Satsangh. It’s a contextualized time of worship for people of Hindu and/or Indian background. We held it at Ethnos Community Church, and it was exciting, real exciting. There’s nothing like becoming all things to all people so that some may be saved. Mad props to William Nathaniel.



  chiafrica wrote @

that’s cool yucan.

in a deep way, it’s kind of like things working out that you’ve been hoping for… 5 years back?


  Floyd wrote @

I am sorry to not make a response until now, but I was looking for another article when I saw this one, and I was reminded to make this response. When William Nathaniel spoke at Ethnos, I was impressed, both with the Satsangh and with his ministry at church. However, during his question and answer session at the end of his sermon, he responded to a question about persecution against Christians in India with a statement that made me almost lose my lunch. He said that most persecution against Christians in India was done by Muslims, very little by Hindus, that Hindus were generally tolerant. I couldn’t believe it! Every time I go to the Voice of the Martyrs or Christian Solidarity Worldwide websites I read of Hindu against Christian acts of persecution: beatings, burned scriptures, robberies, kidnapping, false charges of bribed conversions, false charges of lawlessness against innocent victims of crime, VJP (Hindu party) moves to stop all attempts at evangelism, even killings. It is apparent that Brother Nathaniel has either: 1) just simply not informed himself about the struggles fellow Christians experience in India, or; 2) so immersed himself in the Hindu community that he may have forgotten where his loyalties lie.

I hope, since I like Bro. Nathaniel, that it is the former of those two possible explanations, and that he will reinform himself as to the state of the church in India. I would point anyone who cares to two appropriate websites:

1) (Voice of the Martyrs)
2) (Christian Solidarity Worldwide).

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